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An administration platform for IoT devices

Soliseco is an IoT solution that allows its users to recover surplus photovoltaic energy to produce hot water for their homes.

01. The Project

Soliseco needed to develop a modern, secure, and high-performance web application to manage the surplus photovoltaic energy. The Soliseco unit is fully controllable and configurable via this application, which is compatible with all types of devices. The application allows users to easily monitor and manage their energy production. We developed the solution ensuring that it meets security and performance requirements while providing an optimal user experience.

A comprehensive web solution for managing IoT devices, installable on both desktop and mobile, and usable as a native application.

02. The Challenge

Several challenges arose within the scope of this project:

  • Designing a simple and accessible interface that can be installed on various devices.
  • Implementing and managing advanced security measures to prevent unauthorized access to Soliseco devices.
  • Developing a robust and scalable infrastructure to handle a significant volume of data generated by an IoT project.

A polished and intuitive design

We paid special attention to the design of the application, ensuring an interface that is both attractive and functional, thus providing smooth and intuitive navigation, suitable for all screen sizes.

A mobile-focused web application

This application is designed to adapt to any type of device, allowing users to control their Solisecos wherever they are. The mobile user experience is optimized to ensure seamless accessibility and performance.

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