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An evolving web 3.0 e-commerce platform

01. The Project

Richon is a new web 3.0 e-commerce platform that allows users to sell personalized clothing using their NFTs, directly connecting to their NFT wallet. We have assisted the client in the end-to-end development of their startup, serving as their digital partner. Throughout the months, we have implemented a market-aligned strategy and created a branding that reflects the company. Lastly, we have developed a functional and scalable website.


The client aims to create an online clothing marketplace where users can purchase clothes with printed NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

02. The Challenge

The conceptual challenge lies in creating a consistent and seamless user experience and interface for the application’s users while embracing a futuristic design of the web 3.0 world. It will be crucial to strike the right balance between showcasing the clothing and NFT designs while providing customization and creation options for users. Ensuring online transaction security, protecting user’s personal information, and implementing user authentication will also be essential considerations.

For a solution that combines aesthetic clarity and efficiency

The website is developed using the React.js and Next.js frameworks, with a Node.js backend, to ensure interactivity and align with the technologies used. The purchasing process is smooth, and the user experience is enjoyable.

Realization of branding and marketing assets

Richon entrusted us to create the entire visual identity of the company, including the logo, colors, marketing assets, and more. To maintain consistency across all Richon’s visual assets, the identity is carefully preserved and thoughtfully chosen to ensure coherence across various platforms.

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