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A quiz generator
powered by artificial intelligence

QuizBattle is an artificial intelligence-powered quiz generator that lets users create quizzes on any subject that interests them.

01. The project

QuizBattle is an intelligent web application that lets users create personalized quizzes using artificial intelligence. Test your knowledge on any subject and enjoy an interactive experience.

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Where human creativity meets artificial intelligence

02. How does it work?

Quiz customization: You have total control over your quiz. Choose the number of questions, the difficulty level and add contextual information if required.

AI Question Generation: QuizBattle uses the latest web technologies, including ReactJS, to automatically generate questions based on the parameters you define.

Multiple Choice Questions: Questions are presented in multiple choice format, making them easy to answer.

Answers and explanations: Answer each question, and after each answer, you’ll get explanations to deepen your understanding, whether you’re right or wrong.

Final Score: At the end of the test, you’ll receive a score to show how well you’ve done.

A state-of-the-art web application

QuizBattle is the result of our application development expertise. We’ve integrated GPT-3 artificial intelligence and harnessed the power of ReactJS, a modern JavaScript library for web development. Our integration of artificial intelligence ensures the automatic creation of personalized quiz questions at the user’s request.

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