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Effixis assists companies in their digital transformation projects in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. They specialize in natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLM), and generative AI technologies like GPT.

01. The project

Effixis has expressed the need to renew its website and revise its visual identity.

They require a new, modern, attractive, user-friendly, and professional website that reflects their company’s identity and meets the expectations of their clients and competitors.

Additionally, the renewal of the visual identity will allow them to stand out and position themselves as an innovative, dynamic, and creative company, in line with current trends.


The client wishes to completely revamp their visual identity and have a new, modern, and dynamic website in preparation for their fundraising campaign.

02. The solution

To meet our client’s needs, we first recreated their entire company branding based on the existing logo and colors using HTML semantic markup.

We opted for a corporate and minimalistic design that effectively showcases the company’s values: youthful and dynamic, yet with highly advanced expertise.

We implemented a clean design, intuitive navigation, clear service presentation, and an optimized user experience. After launching the website, we continued to collaborate to create visuals for their social media platforms and newsletters, all using HTML semantic markup.

For a solution that combines ease of use, flexibility, and modernity

We have developed a flexible solution using the WordPress CMS and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), enabling the client to manage all of their content.

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