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An optimized enrolment and student system in a graduate computer science school.


École IT is an IT school offering bac +3 and bac +5 courses, with campuses in Belgium and France. The company is looking to expand rapidly and open new campuses to accommodate more students.
The company manages student enrolment, course allocation with trainers each year, invoicing, attendance tracking and much more.
Prior to contacting us, Ecole-it had great difficulty keeping track of tuition payments and accounting.

Information about the client

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Project goals

The customer's requirements for this project were multiple:

  • Improve and optimize their ERP with Odoo for student management and related billing.
  • Optimization of accounting workflows.
  • Optimize the sometimes complex student application process.
  • Manage student enrolments each year for each campus and year of study.
  • Manage resource allocation between trainers and students.

Odoo was used to centralize student applications and track student payments and invoices.

The requirements

After an analysis based on the customer’s requirements, we were able to draw up a list of needs for customizing and integrating Odoo within the company:

  • Migration to a recent Odoo version.
  • Management of supplier invoice and payment flows with an optimized approval system in the Accounting application.
  • Enhancement of the CRM application to manage applications by school year.
  • Development of a specific application (“Schooling”) to manage student enrolment and track payments:
    • Each enrolled student is referenced by year and campus.
    • Tracking of tuition payments linked to the student’s invoice, with amounts due each year.
    • Tuition fees are paid in monthly instalments, which vary according to the student’s terms and conditions.
    • Monitoring of student attendance at the beginning of the year.
  • Development of an API to connect the Schooling application to the student portal to send real-time data on student payments and information.

Sigmagency's solutions :

  • Odoo Upgrade

    We began with an essential migration from Odoo version 15 to 17. This upgrade facilitated enhanced system functionality and integration, setting a robust foundation for further customization.

  • Custom App development "Schooling"

    We developed a tailored Odoo application named "Schooling." This powerful tool is designed to manage detailed student information—tracking which campus they attend, their academic year, their tuition fees and their payments. Schooling automates the entire payment management process, ensuring each payment is meticulously matched with its corresponding installment due.​

  • API integration

    Schooling and Contacts are connected to the student portal through a custom-developed API. This integration allows for the real-time retrieval of students informations and payment data. If students fall behind on payments, the system sends monthly reminders by email.

  • Accounting

    The overhaul included a comprehensive cleaning of all accounting entries and ensured adherence to the distinct fiscal regulations of both Belgium and France, precisely managing multi-installment tuition payments across the two fiscal regimes. Thanks to Sigmagency, Ecole-IT's accounts are now completely up to date.

  • Real-time reporting

    With real-time insights and reporting, École IT staff can now effortlessly track payment statuses and ensure timely follow-ups, greatly enhancing the administrative efficiency and financial accuracy.

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