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A company specializing in the sale of Nitro drinks and machines

01. About the client

Curiozity is a leading European company specializing in B2B sales of machines and drinks using Nitro technology. Nitro technology makes drinks smoother, creamier and less sweet.


Sigmagency rethought the entire design and content of the website, which was no longer representative of Curiozity's values.

02. The solution

We worked with the customer to redefine its positioning and services so that the website would be as clear as possible. We produced the texts and SEO optimization, as well as translations into 3 languages: English, Dutch and Spanish. We then carried out a complete redesign of the old site. It was developed so that the addition of content would be dynamic.

03. Changing needs

Following a redefinition of their services a few years later, Curiozity once again called on our services. It was clear that their website needed to reflect these changes. With this in mind, we developed the new website in line with their new identity and services.

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