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A membership management system for historic homes

Demeures Historiques et Jardins de Belgique

Les demeures historiques et jardins de Belgique is an association whose mission is to safeguard and enhance private historic residences and gardens as major elements of the country's historical, architectural, artistic, cultural or natural heritage.

Information about the client's project

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    Asset Management

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01. The request

Les demeures historiques et jardins de Belgique (DHJ) asked us to digitalize all their internal processes for managing members (payment of annual subscriptions, renewals, etc.) and events. DHJ manages a database of members and offers all types of events and content specific to members.

A complete system for member management, billing, payment and optimized events.

02. The challenge

The association is made up of older members who are not accustomed to digital tools, so we had to find solutions to simplify as much as possible all the processes of membership, payment for events, member area, etc.

So we always left it open to members to pay through their usual channels, sending documents by post as well as by e-mail. As accounting is external, we had to create a connector to Winbooks.

03. The solution

We developed a tailor-made member management system with Odoo to handle online payments, annual membership payments, event registrations, mailings, and so on. Many customizations and developments were carried out to meet the customer's needs.

Project evolution: From idea to reality

  • Customer analysis and audit

    During this phase, we carried out an in-depth analysis of the customer's existing processes, specific needs and identified issues. We then drew up detailed specifications to guide the rest of the project.

  • Implementing functionalities in Odoo

    We implemented the functionalities specified in the detailed specifications. This included configuring Odoo to manage the membership database, event management, billing, etc. We also customized Odoo modules according to the specific needs identified.

  • Data processing and migration from Logistics to Odoo

    We then migrated existing data from the Logistics system to Odoo. This included the conversion of member information.

  • Website development with Odoo

    In this phase, we designed and developed the new website using Odoo. We'll be using the template of the old website as a basis, with a new twist added by our designer. We then added the necessary functionalities, such as the membership form, event registration and member area.

  • Going live

    Once the final tests have been carried out to ensure that all functionalities are working properly, we go live with the Odoo system and the website.

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