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Sigmagency, your official Odoo partner.

Composed of a multidisciplinary team of expert profiles in digital product development, we are the ideal Odoo partner to support your business in your digital transition.

Odoo, an integrated ERP

Odoo is an open-source integrated business management software offering a suite of applications that covers a wide range of a company's needs. Odoo provides a unified and modular solution that can be adapted to all businesses.

Our expertise

Our team of professionals will be with you every step of the way, from analyzing and understanding your specific needs, to training your teams and deploying the software.

Strategy & Consulting

Every project begins with an analysis phase and a digital audit to propose concrete solutions that optimize your internal processes.

Integration & Configuration

As Odoo experts, we configure your software to adapt to your processes. We integrate your internal flows and process your data.

Custom Development

We develop custom Odoo applications and modules to meet your specific needs. We also develop connectors between your favorite tools and Odoo.

Website & e-Commerce

As web development experts, we develop custom websites and e-commerce with Odoo that represent your brand and your company.

Team Training

We train your teams on the new software and equip you with all the necessary tools for your digital transformation to be smooth.

Maintenance & Support

Once the software is implemented, continuous maintenance and support services are provided to support you throughout your journey.

Why Sigmagency ?

Our dedicated team does not just create solutions but also offers complete follow-up and support, allowing you to focus your efforts on growing your business.

  • A to Z Follow-up

    Sigmagency supports you from start to finish: We analyze your needs, provide concrete solutions to optimize your flows, configure and develop Odoo modules, and train your teams.

  • Proximity to our clients

    As an emerging partner, we stay close to our client and work in collaboration with you. Our working method is based on agility and proximity.

  • Agile and Versatile Team

    Our team consists of Odoo developers and analysts as well as full-stack web developers. This team allows for great versatility and flexibility for any Odoo implementation.

  • Expertise and Experience

    We are proud to have a team that has worked both at Odoo and with Belgium's largest partners. With this experience, we support you in your digital transition.

Solutions for every sector

Odoo stands out as a solution that adapts to a variety of industrial sectors. With its versatility, Odoo offers integrated, customizable, and efficient management, meeting the specific needs of each company.

Whether in manufacturing, retail, distribution, services, or finance, Odoo flexibly adapts to optimize your operational processes, improve your productivity, and growth.



Odoo brings efficiency to the logistics sector by simplifying inventory management, optimizing delivery planning, and providing advanced tools for real-time tracking of product movements in your warehouse.


Retail & Distribution

In the retail and distribution sector, Odoo proves to be a major asset by offering advanced point-of-sale features, inventory management, and order tracking. This comprehensive solution helps you provide a smooth customer experience while streamlining their internal processes for effective distribution management.


Industry & Production

In the field of industry and production, Odoo allows you to optimize your manufacturing processes and resource management. This solution offers complete production management, resource planning, and material traceability.



Odoo is also an optimal solution for service companies. Thanks to its dedicated modules, Odoo enables you to easily manage project management and the planning of your internal resources. You can also effectively track your timesheets, task management, and accurately bill for your provided services.


Public Sector

In the public sector, Odoo brings an integrated approach to managing resources, projects, and administrative processes. Its specific modules facilitate the management of finances, contracts, human resources, and much more.


And much more…

The list would be too long if we had to list all the sectors Odoo can help, but whether you are a professional in the hospitality industry, real estate, or an association, know that Odoo offers a variety of modules, such as the management of a restaurant's cash register, the management of your real estate park, or the management of your members, and many other features, Odoo has the solution adapted to each need.

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