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Digital transformation of a company specializing in fresh produce distribution


Moul'appétit - Au Grand Bleu is a major player in the seafood wholesale business, supplying a diverse B2B customer base including fishmongers, restaurants and hotels. In addition, they operate a B2C fishmonger's, which accounts for a significant proportion of their overall business.

Their business model encompasses the entire process, from sourcing and inventory management to seafood processing and delivery.

Information on the client's project

  • Sector :


  • Company size :

    15 - 25 employees

The request

The company had two main requirements: to replace an aging ERP purchasing-order-inventory-delivery management system, and to develop two e-shops (B2B and B2C) connected to the ERP system for online order-taking.

A complete, optimized solution for managing orders, purchasing, inventory and invoicing.

The challenges

The adaptation of Odoo was unavoidable for the company, as the needs of the business did not allow a standard use of Odoo linked to challenging numbers such as :

Dependence on fish arrivals makes accurate stock forecasting difficult. Daily variations due to uncertain deliveries from suppliers can affect product availability.

The complexity of invoicing products, which are invoiced raw but sold processed. This made managing customer orders and invoices particularly tricky.

The FASFC’s strict regulations on product traceability and quality, particularly for thawing frozen products.

Given Odoo’s flexibility, we have been able to adapt the software to meet these challenges, which are presented below.

The solution implemented

  • Websites

    Creation of two distinct sites, each with access and functionalities specific to its users. The B2B site offers professional customers access to customized products and prices, while the B2C site facilitates direct purchases for consumers.

  • Customer management and pricing

    Configure Odoo to handle B2B and B2C customers separately, with unique price list allocation and customized management of delivery routes.

  • Customer order management

    Separate order processes: Separate quotation procedures for B2B and B2C, with adapted order lines and sales packaging.

    View previous orders: Facilitates the creation of new quotations by referencing previous customer orders.

  • Product management

    Product configuration with multiple variations for 3,000 SKUs. Optimized price calculation based on supplier purchasing costs and margins on a weekly basis.

  • Purchase

    Purchase forecasting to maintain constant stock levels.

  • Inventory

    Creation of a management system for supplier arrivals and deliveries, integrating automatic batch creation and label printing for each product line.

    Creation of an optimized system for reconciling batches in stock with products ordered by customers.

  • Manufacturing

    Processing during product preparation and deep-freezing. Invoicing is based on the gross weight of products before processing.

  • Invoice management

    Integration of a complete accounting system in Odoo with gross weight invoicing management. Multiple invoices can be merged and sent to customers on a weekly basis.

  • Label and PDF printing

    Customized PDF templates to meet specific printing needs, including order and batch labels, as well as various reports such as waybills and delivery notes.

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